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Motorradreisen in Südamerika
Horizons Unlimited Traveller Meeting - La Paz / Bolivia November 8th, 2003


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Behind the Cumbre - way down to the Yungas

It is party time!

"Come and celebrate at 3.600m altitude one of highest motorbikers BBQs there will ever be" 

We will have for you:

-         An all-you-can-eat BBQ garden-party made by Bolivian BBQ-experts. Drinks will be served as well.

-         Space to sleep in house, garden camping and cheap hotels available.

-         Slide show is planned on Chile and Argentina as well as data shows on different locations around.

-         Of course a really nice memory gift, which will remind you having been here with us.

-         If there are enough interested bikers, we can guide you on a wonderful three to four days adventure trip (dirt only) thru unknown parts of the Yungas or a one day trip around La Paz including a drive-up to more than 5200m or a three days trip to a forgotten ancient Indian town or....

We expect from everybody some stories to tell. Please help to make these days great! Any ideas will be welcome!

As in Bolivia itself there are not too many long-distance riders everything surely will depend on how many of you will come to stop-over. We dated November 8, 2003 to allow you enough time to go down to Ushuaia for X-mas or New Years Eve. The entry fee will depend on the number of participants, though it will be no more than 25$US each.

Being travellers ourselves, we know how difficult it is to make it to a certain appointment on time, especially on bike. That's why we prefer you let us know about your interest by answering the questions (even if you are right now sitting in Granny's armchair at home) and make a reservation before October 10th , 2003 to give us a first idea about the total number. You must then reconfirm your reservation between the 25th and 1st of November 2003.

This will be a non-profit party for us. Any Dollar gained will be sent to Horizons Unlimited to support their work.

...and where is the way out? Somewhere in the Yungas

Where is the PARTY?????? 
An exact explanation how to find us will be sent to every confirmed reservation in Oct. / Nov. 2003.

La Paz and Bolivia have a new president and everything is smooth and calm. I read and heart a lot of things. The best was the Evacuation of the Germans on Saturday 18th, because on Friday the old president left the country and trouble was over on Saturday. But a booked passage had to be used and therefore the helicopters brought them all up to the airport. I hope they had a nice ride!
Today (Sunday) life is back to normal. Everything is fine!


Number of reservations we have so far:   5
They are from: Mexico, USA and Britain

This page will be updated permanently!

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Camping in small villages - no problem!

Is there a save parking place for my bike?
Yes, we have space up to 15 bikes in the garden. More bikes can be parked in a car repair not too far away.
Can you help me with a bike problem I might have?
Our bike mechanic will assist at the party.
How dirty is the tour around?
Depends where we will go to and as always on the weather condition. We will see what kind of bikes you have and how experienced you are. We will go as a group, so you will never be alone. In case of a fatal breakdown, we can call a pick-up to bring you back to La Paz.
But it surely can mean to cross a river and getting wet feet.
Why do you offer a three to four day trip?
There is only one paved road, where you come from and go to. All ways around are unpaved, but there are the secrets of Bolivia. These trails are not easy to find and you better need a guide. Although it is only some hundred km, it takes time.
Can I come some days earlier?
No problem!
Where can I sleep?
In our house is free space on a soft carpet. If you have something to sleep on, use it. If you have a tent with you, you may go garden camping. Cheaper hotels are around 7 km away.
When will the party start?
Whenever you arrive. You should be here between 9.00 and 12.00 a.m..
Is it difficult to find?
No! I will send an exact explanation to your e-mail address, including our tel-number. As well a spanish text you can give to a taxi driver (if you are lost), so that he will understand to guide you to us (from city La Paz to us cost less than 2$US).

Riverview - somewhere in the Yungas

Roadinfo Bolivia:
You come from Peru:
The faster way is over Desaguadero. To La Paz  1,5 hours.
If you want to visit the Lago go over Copacaba, which means you have to use a ferry later on (10 Bolivianos for a bike). The way could be snowy over ten km+ when cold. To LP 4 hours.
Both ways are pure asfalt.
You come from Chile:
Best way to hop over the Andes is Tambo Quemado from Arica coming. A totally paved road but it is always terribly cold there. Some parts of road have faults on Chile side especially after rain. Arica - La Paz 7 hours
You come from Argentina:
In San Salvador de Jujuy you have to make up your mind, where to cross.
Bordertowns: Professor S. Mazza - Yacuiba
It is warm here (Chaco). The road is perfect to a town called Camiri. Then a sandy part starts, which is more or less 150 km to a town called Abapo (there is a lot of constructing now, which means some terribly sandy parts). The the road is paved again to Santa Cruz. From there all the way is paved with two short exceptions in the Chapare region. Yacuiba - LP = 1315km  (2 days+).
Bordertowns: La Quiaca - Villazon
Colder here (Highlands), way goes over Potosi (very cold). Way was terrible, but now the most terrible parts are paved. We made in Sep. 2003 the border to Argentina (over Tarija) to La Paz (over Potosi and Oruro) in only 19 hours drive. The roads are a lot better now. 
There is also a train from Villazon to Oruro. The luxury class costs a person 21$US, a bike 80$US (one cubicmetre is 40$US). The train is excellent (our bikes arrived in Oruro safe and sound - so did we). You have to give them your bike the day of leaving in the morning, leaving time is 3p.m.. You may enter only on weekdays (Sunday is no train, Saturday means arriving on Sunday means they do not open the wagon in Oruro means no bike for you).
From Oruro (arriving time around 7 a.m.) it is 240km to La Paz on a paved road with holes here and there (be careful busses come over).
You come from Brasil:
This way I only know by using the "death-train" from Santa Cruz to Puerto Suarez (in Brasil: Corumba).  It is a simple sandy road and the Bolivian map says "not to be used in rain".  There are some little villages along the track, but I have no clue, what they can provide. The trip in the train was one of our adventure highlights here. I would not recomend it. To bring the bikes on board was a tricky thing in SC and we had to pay 50$US for each bike (we booked in advance). But in the last moment they tried to receive more. In addition I had to pay some money to the workers, who suggested me something like "pay us or expect a damaged bike in Puerto Suarez".
My advice:
1. The dirt way from Villazon over Potosi to LP:
You are an experienced rider, you know how to fix a flat tyre yourself with freezing fingers and there is a good hope of no rain. The road is now (as mentioned above) a lot better, but sometimes lonesome. For people who want to see a bit, thats the way to go.
I had my hardest time on this muddy road, but now the worst parts are paved and the gravel parts were okay.
2. The way with sandy part from Yacuiba over SC to LP:
You can handle your bike in sand and mud and don't mind a little water crossing. You don't have heavy rain. 
3. The train from Villazon to Oruro:
You could do with a break, driving thru the night in a fine train. You don't want to break anything on your bike and aventures are for the crazies or you just don't have time.
4. Crossing the Andes to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile:
You have time and some warm clothes? Okay. The only bad thing is the 150(?)km up and downs (waves on the way) on Argentina side. Chile has perfect paved ways only.
Info: I know all of these posibilities and made them on my Africa Twin with street tyres.

More questions? Mas preguntas? Noch Fragen? Tell me! Avisame! Her damit!

Final note:
This page was edited by a German and corrected by a Dutch - without any responsibility for the English quality!